A place to retreat, natural resourcing.

An old pigsty on the heights of a small hamlet, a small village lost in the Poitevine countryside, many buildings, a meadow, an orchard, a vegetable patch.
Many spaces to express oneself in a creative, playful and magical way.
Nature, calm, collaboration, benevolence, creativity.
Retreat and recharge in a natural and intuitive way.

Gay by nature, open to sensitive, queer beings.

A vegetarian diet, no tobacco, no alcohol. A sober and peaceful space.

Open throughout the seasons, a caring, sharing, participative and intuitive lifestyle.

The principles of permaculture, working with earth, stone, metal and wood, body and mind, the relationship with nature and the elements.

A place with no dogma or politics, a place of tolerance, listening, caring.

A short documentary and interview was shot in June and released at the beginning of October 2021

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Come and stay

It is possible to stay and retreat at the ashram at any time

Beings come in various ways, most often for short stays and retreats, to lend a hand, to experiment, to participate.

At first, a week seems to be both the recommended minimum and maximum stay, allowing you to take the time to immerse yourself and experience a retreat.

The place is not necessarily intended to become a place of permanent living, but it can happen after repeated stays that a longer or permanent stay can be considered.

Thematic courses and workshops are also proposed, mainly during the mild seasons.

Some basic rules make it a clean, safe and comfortable space.

Beings who find their way to this Ashram will be here for their reason, understanding and accepting the essence of the project and the place.

The place is intended for retreats, to get closer to one's true nature in a calm, natural and rural setting. To take care of a garden, an orchard, a meadow. Live in a simple and comfortable way, share and take care of oneself, of the other. To listen to nature, draw inspiration from it and follow the path of intuition. Give yourself the opportunity to live in the dream, to realize your follies, to explore, to invent, to create, to start by listening in order to be able to hear, to feel and to live nature in yourself, to observe again and more.

No dogma or religion, only benevolence, listening and sharing are welcome.

All the practical information relating to a stay can be found on the form accessible HERE.

The place is managed by a non-profit association under the law of 1901, it exists thanks to contributions and donations.

You can consult the statutes, the life guide on the place HERE

Information on contributing and making a donation can be found HERE


The courses are designed, built and delivered by Mark, the initiator of the project and the place, practitioner and teacher of Yoga and massage since 2010.

His own teachings were received in India and Thailand, his areas and subjects of study are Ayurveda, yoga, yogic philosophies and spiritualities: Vedantism, Buddhism, Cashmere Tantras...

Learn more about Mark

(revision and update of the web site is in progress, this link and this page will be available soon, in the meantime, you can still consult the sites www.yoganu.fr and www.gaymassages.fr - which are the sites of Mark's activities before this project)

Ecology & Male Sexuality

2023 - Dates not yet defined
300 euros for Mark"s tuition

Launched at the end of spring 2022 after many years of study and reflection, this course makes it possible to approach the theme of male sexuality in a gradual and coherent way.

A variety of techniques and workshops are offered over a 4 day period.

Breathing, alignment, energies, movement and mental posture in the context of sexuality and ecology (relation to oneself, the other, nature) are discussed during the course.

Nudity, touch and contact are the framework of this exclusively male course.

This is an alternative approach to Osho-inspired "NeoTantra" courses. For more information on Cashmere Tantrism, I have written some notes that you will soon be able to find on this site (in progress).

The dates for 2023 are not yet defined, but you can already confirm your interest in the course which will have a limited number of participants.

Yoga & Massage

2023 - Dates not yet defined
300 euros for Mark's teachings

This course is an opportunity to combine a daily practice of Yoga with initiations to various massage practices and techniques.

Nudity, touch and contact are the framework of this exclusively male course.

The dates for 2023 are not yet defined, but you can sleep and already confirm your interest in the course which will have a limited number of participants.

Projects, work in progress...

- Maintenance of the meadow, the orchard, the vegetable garden.

- Main room (kitchen, living room, dining room): 1 to 2 days of work - There remains aprox 15/20% of the walls to join. This can be done after the installation of the windows and the door.

- Bottom chamber: 10 days of work to be spread over 1 month depending on the successive layers and the drying times between the layers - The old coatings must be removed and a new coating to be applied, one part in exposed stone and the other in lime/hemp plaster for insulation.

- Pigsty: Continue tidying up and reorganising this space

- Barn: Reorganize, tidy up and rearrange the passageway, reinforce the beams to rework the flooring.

- Vegetable garden: Let the summer take place to prepare the autumn/winter site for the development of the vegetable garden. Working the land and building a tunnel greenhouse will undoubtedly be on the program for this space to become truly functional in the spring of 2023.

- Two small houses, the "Maisonettes" : clean, redo the openings (windows, doors), opening part of the floor and creation of the mezzanine of No1 and the cozy nest of No 2

- Main barn roof rework : Constant surveillance and reworking of the tiles


Fall / Winter 22
- Kitchen: The installation of the coating on the wall of the 'kitchen' section of the living room has been carried out, new fittings have been added, a new stove has been installed. There is still a little bit of lime based coating to be applied in places.
- Vegetable garden: restoration of the main paths with stones, creation of new spaces covered with stones. Planting green covers crops on one of the plots. Cleaning and working the earth on the other plot to create mounded planting areas and paths covered with wood chips. Thoughts on the watering system and the possibility of greenhouse areas.
- Rain water storage tanks: The cleaning of the tanks seems complicated and dangerous without respiratory assistance, it will probably be necessary to proceed gently and with proper protection from the risks, to clear over several interventions and years the earth sludge which has accumulated at the bottom. (there was a hole on the meadow side through which the sludge entered, this hole was filled last year)
-Presentation of the place, the project, the activities: After 18 months on the project, I (Mark) will review the presentation of the project and the place to reflect its progress and its evolution.

Summer 22
- 1st Yoga and Massage course at the ashram. This course allowed everyone to practice Yoga and massages, to discover these practices or to improve their skills.
- It was just the time to just do some maintenance and think about the future, I (Mark) settled down full time on the place to continue in my coherence of wanting to live a 'retreat', yoga, way of life.
- Vegetable garden: Construction of a stone staircase to join the meadow to the vegetable garden. Acquisition of the tiller.
- Drought: The rainwater reserves were maintained and made it possible to water the vegetable plants daily and the young fruit trees 2 to 3 times a week

Spring 22
- The windows and the door of the main house have been changed.
- The wall coatings have progressed in the living room, there is still a little to do.
- The wall and ceiling paneling have been removed from the back bedroom, the old lime plaster needs to be removed and new one slapped on.
- The space under the hangar has been cleared and remodeled to become an open, clean and welcoming space with large tables, benches to be able to do a multitude of things sheltered from the sun or the rain.
- The sowing and planting in the greenhouse and outside went well, the automatic watering is functional. If all goes well, vegetables should be quite plentiful by late spring.
- The pigsty continues to change, the boxes have been opened and refurbished, there is still storage, clearings and refurbishment to be done.

Winter 2021 / 22
- The sowing and shower greenhouse has been built
- The outdoor bathtub has been installed and secured, the hearth for the fire and its chimney have been built, the inaugural bath took place in the evening of the Lunar New Year's Eve
- Plantations were the focus of this season, flowering shrubs were the main focus.
- Addition of many cuttings in the existing hedges and those in the making
- Pruning of the trees and opening of new spaces
- Removal of certain mezzanine floors of the pigsty
- Project of renovation and installation of the small pond in the vegetable garden
- Reflection on the general prairie and land layout and organisation

Fall 2021
Preparation for winter has been the focus of this fall season.
- The pumping of the tank made it possible to understand that the bottom was well filled with mud and that it would probably take several years to clean it, this mud can be useful in the garden and will undoubtedly be taken out as it goes.
- The holes were dug with a mini shovel to facilitate the planting of the fruit trees, this made it possible to better understand the different compositions of soil on the ground.
- The fruit trees were ordered then collected at the beginning of December and planted immediately before the frost period began.
- Manufacture and installation of tit and robin nesting boxes

Many visits to manage, many work sites carried out
- Creation of the open and covered space of the hangar (70M2 under the roof), installation of the sleeping area, the mixed sleeping relaxation area and the space for various practices (yoga , hammocks ...), installation of the access staircase, creation of furniture and bed fixtures, securing the floor, electricity, opening of the ground floor with storage space and a meeting space
- Uprooting, development of the land and the area vegetable garden
- Small vegetable garden with mini harvests, aromatic plantations, mints ...
- Removal of part of the roof of the pigsty and installation of replacement roofing sheets
- Installation of the water pump system, distribution and filtering of rainwater with gas water heating for the shower
- Lime hemp plaster, lime sand and finishing plaster of the room with a wall joined with lime sand with exposed stones - Masonry of the joints of the attic and the chimney -
- Installation of the insulation in the attic of the main barn above the living rooms
- Installation of the new chimney parts and the new wood stove
- Preparation for the greenhouse which will be against the pigsty and where the shower will be located - Reworking of the roof tiles of the barn to stop the leaks

Spring 2021
The common living spaces become comfortable.
The cleaning of the land and the vegetable garden continues.
A mini greenhouse / nursery is created, seedlings are planted.
The pump for the rainwater collection tank is installed

Winter 2020/21
The acquisition of the farm is sealed and paid for.
The installation begins, the statutes of the association are deposited and validated, the bank account is opened, donations become possible.
The renovation focuses on the bedroom and the living room, the partitions are knocked down, the walls are laid bare, the electrical installation of the cottage is done, the kitchen is installed.
The land is cleared, the trees are pruned.

Fall 2020
The decision to acquire the armigère farm in Chatain is taken.

Summer 2020
Site visits and project presentation meetings take place.

Spring 2020
The decision to present the project and consider its realization is taken after several years of reflection and maturation.