A space to share and  collaborate with care and attention

A place of benevolent associative collaborative sharing

A farm to renovate, a vegetable garden to eat, spaces to rest.

The principles of permaculture, tolerance, kindness and listening.

A retreat for LGBTQI + people, a place to heal, a place of magic and creativity.


Spring 2021

The common living spaces become comfortable.
The cleaning of the land and the vegetable garden continues.
A mini greenhouse / nursery is created, seedlings are planted.
The pump for the rainwater collection tank is installed

Current projects

Construction of a greenhouse with shower area
Consolidation and arrangement of the two floor spaces, in the barn and under the shed
Arrangement of areas for perennials and vegetable crops for this season
Cleaning of the land
External insulation of the bedroom by shuttering straw bales
Interior plaster of the chamber in lime / hemp or earth / straw
Jointing of the interior walls in lime / hemp or earth / straw
Various decorations and fittings



The invitation is made : come and discover the place and take an active part in its realization

I have seeded invitations on various platforms; The Osais of the Colibris, Passerelle Eco, the radical fairies and my contacts related to my yoga teaching

This summer the place is therefore open to discovery, practice and participation; there are no set dates, just come when its good for you, stay for a few days, a week or more.

The days often include: The practice of yoga morning and evening, participation in work in progress, participation in daily activities, moments of rest, relaxation and well-being, conviviality and sharing.

The financial contribution is based on generosity and personal circumstances, it is freely decided by each. It allows to do the food shopping, pay the bills and contribute to the existence of the place, an indicative amount is 20/30 euros per day, it is a freely decided donation that is made directly to the association on site or by bank transfer.

A freely decided contribution for yoga and well-being practices is possible directly to mark who accompanies these practices and activities on a daily basis.

Winter 2020/21

The acquisition of the farm is sealed and paid for.
The installation begins, the statutes of the association are deposited and validated, the bank account is opened, donations become possible.
The renovation focuses on the bedroom and the living room, the partitions are knocked down, the walls are laid bare, the electrical installation of the cottage is done, the kitchen is installed.
The land is cleared, the trees are pruned.

Fall 2020

The decision to acquire the armigère farm in Chatain is taken.

Summer 2020

Site visits and project presentation meetings take place.

Spring 2020

The decision to present the project and consider its realization is taken after several years of reflection and maturation.

Videos are regularly posted on  YOU TUBE

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Donations make it possible

The non profit association "les amis de l'armigère" manages the project and place.

The annual subscription helps to support the association. Its objective is to cover the management costs of the association and the farm.

Thematic fundraising pools exist to raise funds for specific needs such as the garden, major works and materials.

Donations from visitors and volunteers during stays and visits cover daily costs and supplement other funds.

Donations are made on the HELLO ASSO website here

Donations by regular or one-off bank transfer can be made directly to the association's account:
Les Amis de l'Armigère
IBAN - FR76 1027 8364 0400 0108 1260 182

Thank you in advance for your support, it is essential.

official documentation

The non profit organisation, the association under 1901 french law is build around the statutes and the "queer together" guidebook